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Career and Technical Education


 MTHS CTE Staff              CTE Program Area(s)                   Staff Email     Phone Number
 Comeaux, Angelo Video/Photography  Email 425-431-5689
 DeMiero, Vincent Journalism Email 425-431-5620
 Deven, Kristin Family & Consumer Science Email 425-431-4135
 Gilbraith, Beth Business and Marketing Email 425-431-5748
 Hess, Ryan Carpentry and Construction Email 425-431-5776
 Mohs, Nichole Jewelry and Metals Email  425-431-5759
 Owings, Brandon Computer Science Email  425-431-4076
 Pearson, Merri American Sign Language Email 425-431-6260
 Psencik, Brianna Family & Consumer Science Email 425-431-5234
 Smelcer, Bryan Engineering Email 425-431-5744
 Sood, Nalin Business Education Email 425-431-5022
 Tokonitz, Alex Sports Medicine Email 425-431-5695
 Walker, Mark Jewelry and Metals Email 425-431-5780
 Wilson, James Engineering Email 425-431-5667
 Wollan, Jami Biotechnology Email 425-431-5863