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Career and Technical Education


 MHS CTE Staff             CTE Program Area(s)                     Staff Email     Phone Number
 Bissett, Robby Sports Medicine Email 425-431-6587
 Chapdelaine, Debby Computer Science Email 425-431-6485
 Duncan, Julianne Visual Communications Email 425-431-6531
 Gaspers, Pam Environmental Science Email 425-431-1186
 Hewitt, Janis Family & Consumer Science Email 425-431-6478
 McDaniel, Candy Business/Marketing Email 425-431-6569
 Murphy, Chris Health Sciences Email 425-431-6592
 Nawrocki, Roman (Rusty)   American Sign Language Email email only
 Robbins, Bryan Automotive Technology Email 425-431-6426
 Seals, Kolleen Family & Consumer Science Email 425-431-6211
 Stensland, Tim Drafting Email 425-431-6147
 Strash, Courtney Business & Marketing Email 425-431-5874
 Sukraw, Chantel Family Consumer Science Email 425-431-6403
 Thompson, Dianne Biotechnology/Env. Science Email 425-431-6494
 Young, Beth Visual Communications Email 425-431-6696