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Career and Technical Education

EWHS CTE staff

 EWHS CTE Staff                CTE Program Area(s)                       Staff Email            Phone Number   
 Baugh, Gwen Family Consumer Science Email 425-431-6210
 Emond, Amy American Sign Language Email 425-431-6049
Garden-Vazquez, Arianne  Visual Communication Email 425-431-5844
 Hastler, Shay Information Technology Email 425-431-6148
 Lindsay, Robin Family Consumer Science Email 425-431-6150
 Metzger, Sandy Sports Medicine Email 425-431-6218
 Mohs, Nichole Visual Communications Email 425-431-5759
 Nawrocki, Roman American Sign Language Email Email only
 Simon, Michael Business & Marketing Email 425-431-6161
 Stensland, Tim Drafting Email 425-431-6147
 Webster, Sherri Family Consumer Science Email 425-431-6207