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Career and Technical Education

Culinary Arts


The Culinary Arts Pathway is a great program for students who are interested in the foods industry and preparing various culinary dishes, and ...
 +  Enjoy being creative, expressive and imaginative.
 +  Enjoy cooking and hands-on learning.
 +  Have an attention to detail and precision in their work.
 +  Feel comfortable in a culinary kitchen environment.

Pathway Benefits and Highlights
Students who complete 2 credits in this Pathway will meet state Math and English/Language Arts Graduation Pathway requirements, and...
 +  Obtain a state food handlers permit.
 +  Learn by preparing appetizers, entrees and desert menu items.
 +  Earn college credits which can be applied directly into partner college programs.
 +  Meets Science requirements through their Pathway courses

Earn College Credit for Your Pathway Courses      
 Pathway Course  College Credits  College  Articulated College Course

 HEC457 Chef 2
 HEC458 Chef 3
 SCI120/121 Food Science

 Edmonds College
 Edmonds College
 Lake WA Institute of Tech.
 CLART131 Culinary: Pantry Preparation 1
 CLART181 Culinary: Hot & Cold Sandwich Preparation
 CART115 Food Service Safety and Sanitation

Continue Your Training after High School
The Culinary Arts Pathway articulates and leads directly into the Edmonds College Culinary Arts Program of Study.

Culinary Arts Pathway Videos

Chef School

Who Can Access this Pathway?
This pathway is accessible to students at all of the Edmonds SD high schools listed below.  Select your high school to explore available pathway course offerings and descriptions.