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ASL/Sign Language Interpreter

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The ASL/Sign Language Interpreter Pathway is a great program for students who have an interest in learning to communicate with our deaf community, and ...
 +  Enjoy helping and working with people.
 +  Are good listeners and communicators.
 +  Enjoy being creative, expressive and imaginative.
 +  Are interested in understanding deaf culture.

Pathway Benefits and Highlights
Students who complete 2 credits in this Pathway will meet state Math and English/Language Arts Graduation Pathway requirements, and...
 +  Develop proficiency in American Sign Language (ASL).
 +  Practice ASL communication through school and deaf community events.
 +  Earn college credits which can be applied directly into partner college programs.
 +  Meets World Language credit requirements for 4-Year College/University admissions.

Earn College Credit for Your Pathway Courses      
 Pathway Course  College Credits  College  Articulated College Course

 FLA101/102 American Sign Language (ASL) 1
 FLA201/202 American Sign Language (ASL) 2

 Lake WA Institute of Tech.
 Lake WA Institute of Tech.
 ASL& 121 American Sign Language 1
 ASL& 122 American Sign Language 2

Continue Your Training After High School
The ASL/Sign Language Interpreter Pathway is articulated to meet the Lake Washington Institute of Technology Humanities requirement for all Associate of Arts and Direct Transfer degree programs.

ASL/Sign Language Interpreter Pathway Videos

American Sign Language (ASL)

Who Can Access this Pathway?
This pathway is accessible for students at the Edmonds SD high schools listed below.  Select your high school to explore available pathway course offerings and descriptions.